Senior Show

Our game is officially on the app store! It is a surreal feeling to see it available as an early access game. The semester is truly coming to a close! I would say most of our objectives were met, though of course I always see the places where we could have done better. I could have went harder with the marketing and app store optimization. We are also lacking in some animations and sound effects, but I am still incredibly proud of what we have accomplished! I’ve actually learned a lot from our game about Japanese, which is amazing because that shows that our concept worked! We are able to introduce English speakers to Japanese in a game setting that is both fun and educational.

Right now I’m in the Maker Lab at our college’s Emergent Media Center which has a 3d printer and various other tools to aid students in creative projects. Glynis suggested we create some sort of memorabilia to give out to the recruiters and others attending the Senior Show this Friday. Glynis chose 5 Kanji that we are engraving on small wooden sakura flowers with our website address on the back. I think these souvenirs will be a great way to help recruiters remember us! This just means I have to make sure our website is up to date and looks super awesome by this Friday!                                                                                                
Although on Friday we are presenting our games in front of recruiters, somehow I am less nervous than I was in November when we pitched our games formally to go forward into spring production. The stakes felt higher then, because our team may have been cut. This time, however, it feels more like a celebration of what we have accomplished together as a team! I’m excited to introduce our game briefly and then introduce my fellow team members. I must make time this week to research the recruiters who are going to be attending. I’m so happy my name is finally in the credits of a published game, which I know will be the first of many. 

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