Reviewing Beta

Today our beta build was due, and we met all the requirements! Mostly. As predicted, art did fall short but I have been assured by the artists the final death animations and two sensei portraits will be implemented by tonight. Despite the art shortcomings, I am still very proud of the game my team has created! In the midnight hour our lead game designer assisted our animator in creating the last of our attack animations for the player. I think one of the problems was I wasn’t stern enough in expressing our need to keep on track with art. Often, art tasks would have to be carried from one sprint to another. Perhaps if I were more vigilant in pushing reminders on my team, we would have more of the art polished by now. I’m still working on finding that balance between being helpful and being a nag.

For me, the majority of this week has been quality assurance and ensuring we were on track to meet all the requirements for Beta. At quality assurance this week, I planned it out so each tester would test two of our ten levels. The purpose of testing now is purely bug fixing. I’ve been taking videos of all the bugs in the Kanji testers encounter. We are going to test again tomorrow using the same format, but this time instead of a google document I’m going to use a spreadsheet and have testers mark down each Kanji that didn’t recognize their input properly as well as taking the final survey at the end. This coming Tuesday is the official due date for our game! I just hope we can ensure our Kanji recognition is in tip top shape before then! 

Our game’s poster was also due today. Our lead artist put it together. Some minor edits are still to be made.KanjiPoster

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