Off to San Francisco!

Kanji Samurai will have both a revitalized tutorial and the grading system implemented in time for the Game Developer’s Conference! In prioritizing our list of features for GDC, I told Eric that I understood if he would only have the time to implement one of them, so we told him to focus on the scoring system since our designer Luca had to rework the narrative of the tutorial a bit before it could be implemented.

This week, we recorded Glynis’s Japanese sensei pronouncing all the Kanji in our game. We are so glad to have her as a connection so we can have an authentic Japanese pronunciation for our game! On that same day, Eric and I ran quality assurance for the game and I checked in with him to see what assets the artists still needed to give him. By telling Julia to focus on the sakura flower slashing effect rather than the character animations, we’ll have a visually pleasing grid for players to interact with, which I think it more important at this time, considering the majority of the time players spend playing is on the grid. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many participants at quality assurance, but those who were there did provide us with quality feedback. They seemed to really like how reactive our grid has become because of the sakura blooming effect, and with the slashing effect now implemented, our grid is even more reactive!    

kanji_samurai_cutgif Note: Refresh the page to see the gif again.                                                                                                                                                                                 
Tomorrow I’m driving home to New Hampshire to catch an early morning flight Sunday morning from Boston to San Francisco.I’m feeling optimistic about the trip, but at the same time I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’ve heard students have gotten jobs at GDC in previous years, but I don’t want to get dejected if I don’t get one. Any connections I can make with game companies now could lead to opportunities in the future. I am going to do my best to make a good impression on recruiters and introduce myself to those around me.

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