Preparing for GDC

This weekend I am setting off across the country to San Francisco, California for the Game Developer’s Conference! I am extremely excited to have this opportunity and intend to embrace it to it’s fullest! There are so many interesting sessions to choose from and Champlain College has set up many meeting opportunities for us to meet with recruiters from game companies.

In addition to the recruiters available to me through Champlain, I’ve also reached out to some of the employees of companies attending through GDC Connect, which lets you send messages to specific people at exhibiting companies in the hopes to set up a meeting with them. I’ve currently got one meeting set up with a producer from an international casual gaming company and I am really looking forward to it. I plan to put together a list of questions for him in order to gain insight into becoming a better producer, learn more about his company and his work experience, and perhaps even make a job connection.

My lead artist, Maddie, is attending GDC as well and we plan to show off Kanji Samurai to as many people as possible, especially recruiters! I’ve also spoken with her about setting up a meeting with an exhibiting company. I think it will be easier to introduce our game if we have each other’s support. Maddie is a pretty quiet person, and at GDC she’ll have to pitch the game for the first time. As the artist it’s never really been her job to articulate what Kanji Samurai is all about, but if she’s alone with a recruiter at GDC she’ll have to do just that! I offered to practice our pitches with each other and told her I’d like to walk around together at GDC if our schedules align.  Maddie’s such a sweet person and a super talented artist and I think that together we can help highlight one another’s strengths to potential employers better than we would be able to on our own.

In order to have Kanji Samurai presented in the best light, I’m really pushing my team to get their tasks done this week. I’ve created a checklist specific to GDC in addition to our already established project plan just to indicate to them what should ideally be in the game for GDC. My team seems willing and able to get it done. At today’s meeting we prioritized what each member should be working on and set a deadline of Sunday for the GDC tasklist. Luckily I’ll be able to download the game from anywhere, so if Eric has to make some necessary changes after the deadline it would still be okay (although of course ideally everything would be in by Sunday since I’ll be at the conference Monday morning).

I’ve got a sleek business card and I think I’m friendly and confident enough to present myself well. There’s a lot of pressure though because I really want to make a good impression. I have to believe in myself and the skills I have to offer.

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