Managing a Team of Ten

Managing a team of ten people is definitely a new challenge-I’ve never dealt with teams this large before! It’s pretty exciting and daunting at the same time. Mostly exciting though. I find myself getting excited during meetings frequently when I see what my team has accomplished and when we solve impediments together. We have nine official member and then one outsourced Creative Media major to help us out with art. 

As the producer I remain upbeat, positive, and enthusiastic in my leadership style. I think I have a pretty good emotional intelligence as well so I am able to sense certain vibes from my team members. For example, during our last class meeting our lead artist, Maddie, was explaining some of her art concepts for the button design. I noticed that our programmer, Mary, looked like she wanted to say something, but was refraining in order not to interrupt. Well, before Maddie moved on to show off her next concept for the UI, I politely interrupted and prompted Mary to speak. She ended up sharing a really great idea for the button interaction in that when players swipe across a button to activate it, the button (shaped like a scroll) actually rolls up! This will be a nice touch to make our game feel more responsive to player input.

One of my biggest concerns is making sure all my team members feel valued and respected. I want them to know that I genuinely care about them, not only in the sense that I want them to finish their tasks, but that I genuinely care about them individually as people. I have to say I think the Radiant Ronin did really did well in the draft! We picked up new Ronin who are invested in our project just as much as the original four members are! I love hearing the new ideas my team comes up with and helping them figure out how to implement them. Overseeing all of a project’s elements and facilitating the interweaving of those elements to create a meaningful video game is something I am extremely passionate about!  

Every other week the six producers who have class on Wednesdays meet with the three faculty members who teach those three classes (there are two teams per class so therefore two producers from each class) to discuss our teams and our projects. We’ve only had one meeting so far, but I look forward to the next one because a marketing professor will be joining us to give up pointers into social media marketing. I have started to create a Website on Wix but have not published it yet. I want to ensure it looks polished before I publish it. I’d like to include pictures and bios of my team as well.

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