Getting Greenlit

Unlike last semester, we don’t have any official milestones to challenge except for Greenlight, which is a list of essential changes we need to add to the game before implementing any other features. This past Wednesday our Professor gave us his input as to what he wanted us to change and we found the list we had come up with ourselves was pretty much in parallel with his list. Here are the items we agreed to address in order to challenge Greenlight this Wednesday.

UI Sizing for different size screens

  • Small Phone
  • Large Phone
  • Tablet

Our programmer Eric is currently researching this. The design team will also have to change the UI around for smaller screens vs larger screens.

Enhanced Player Feedback

  • Trail you leave behind with your finger as you write the Kanji
  • Correct Stroke Feedback
  • Detailed Victory Screen
    • Highlighting the player’s overall score, stroke order or combo bonus, speed, and accuracy
  • Intuitive undo button – shows up where you’ve made a mistake

Two of our four artists are dedicated to conceptualizing our various ideas for player feedback. The other official artist is working on character concepts and our outsourced artist is working on logos for our application icon. Although these items aren’t our main priorities and not necessary for Greenlight, character concepts is what this artist is good at and would prefer to work on, and we will need them eventually. Eventually, an app icon will also be necessary for when we publish Kanji Samurai on the app stores.

One of our new designers, Connor, specializes in sound design so he has created some sound feedback for when players write a stroke correct or incorrectly. In addition to sound effects, he is also making music tracks for us. I am hoping that he can make enough tracks to replace the ones we bought for the game so we can publish and potentially profit from the game without having to deal with an outsourced party for sound.

Difficulty and Level Progression

  • Design Changes
  • Flexible User Input
    • Programmer magic to allow for greater player error. Eric created a diagram explaining his thought process.

Programmer Eric determined that a neural network would not be possible in the time we have, so he has come up with some other method to check for player error.

Tutorial SImplification

  • Less texty
  • Streamlined flow

New designer Luca has read through the tutorial and reworked it so it is more concise.

iOS development plan

Our new programmer Mary is researching what technological changes need to be made in order to publish on the app store. I myself will be handling the publishing process itself. 

Not all of these features need to be implemented in game in order to pass Greenlit, but we need to provide a detailed explanation as to how we will be implementing these features as the semester continues. After these are implemented, we can start to focus more on attack animations, special effects, and the narrative.

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