Just Getting Started

During winter break I never wanted it to end–but now that I’m back at Champlain College for the last semester of my senior year I’m happy to be back! Since our trip to Gaku Ramen and our meeting during finals period, the Radiant Ronin have not met since. I told my team they could do work if they wanted to over break but I wasn’t expecting anything. It’s called a ‘break’ afterall. I think it is important to give people a chance to recharge their batteries, but now that we’re back in production it’s full speed ahead!

We have two main goals during these first few weeks: implementing more visual feedback and making the game easier. We already have some ideas as to how to do this that we discussed at our first class meeting this past Wednesday. First, we are ditching stroke order at last! While we are still including it, it will no longer be required of players, but rather a bonus for them. If players can write the Kanji in the proper stroke order, their score will be greater because they will create a combo effect. This combo effect needs to feel satisfying. Just dragging your finger on the screen and getting a stroke right should feel satisfying. Two of the artists are working on brainstorming ideas for visual feedback, while one is concentrating on reworking our UI so it is more streamlined. I too am researching successful visual feedback in games (especially mobile titles) and coming up with some ideas to run by the artists.

Our team has grown from 4 to 9. Our professor suggested doing daily Scrum everyday even if  no work has been done. He said you could even do it remotely. At first when I heard that I disagreed since I thought it was a bit excessive to talk everyday when we all have four other classes we have to attend to as well, but now as we have had a daily scrum these past couple days I think it is useful. It makes us more accountable I believe because even if you have done nothing, you have to say that and then commit to what task you will be working on next, which helps keeps our momentum flowing. The daily Scrum also puts us in good practice for when we actually will meet with our teams in person everyday when we enter the game industry.

We have a meeting this Sunday to go over UI and ideas for player feedback. We are also going to start discussing how to make the game easier. Eric said he looked into doing a neural network over winter break but found it would be too time consuming to implement, but he reassured us he has some other ideas as to how to make the Kanji recognition system better.

I am looking forward to our meeting Sunday and getting to know the new members of our team even better! Scheduling is proving to be more challenging for us this semester due to the increase in members, but with our daily Scrums and the passion and individual strengths each member is bringing to the team, I am confident our game will succeed.


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