Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Emily Harnedy and I have recently graduated from Champlain College with a degree in Video Game Management. I will be using this blog primarily to write about my senior game development capstone class, but I may also include information about old projects and my work experiences. I am currently seeking an entry level producer/project manager position. You can find all my blog posts about my senior capstone game, Kanji Samurai, in the menus Capstone and Senior Production above. Below is the gameplay trailer I created to showcase our game’s mechanics in order to get the greenlight to continue production into second semester. Certain aspects of the gameplay will change during our production this semester, and a great deal of more art will be added, but the video still gives you a general idea of how Kanji Samurai works. Keep up with its development at KanjiSamuraiGame.com

I have always loved video games since I was a child when I started playing Maze Man (a 3d rip off of PacMan) and various Barbie adventure games. Video games are my favorite artistic medium because they offer a unique and immersive experience. I especially love games that allow for customization and player choice. My favorite game genre is role playing because I believe video games offer the greatest escapism from the monotony of everyday life of any artistic medium. My dream job would be to work for a company that creates rpgs or games targeted towards a traditionally female market, like the ones that inspired me as a young girl.

As the producer for my game development team, my responsibilities include planning for and conducting meetings, managing the team schedule and project plan, analyzing our target market, running quality assurance sessions, and creating presentations that showcase the highlights of our game projects. I also assist in design work by analyzing the feedback from QA to determine what design changes are needed. I dabble in narrative design as well. I love making people feel valued for the work they do and enjoy facilitating team discussions that lead to key improvements in gameplay.